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Understanding LTC Solutions - Linked-Benefit Products

November 2020  |  53 minutes

Products aren’t the answer. But they provide the solution. We talk about long-term care. A lot. Because clients are living longer - and that changes the way advisors should have the conversation. So we talk. We ask. We listen. And we know healthcare needs in retirement are a major part of planning for the future. But identifying the problem is only good if it leads to action. In this series, we dig into the products that make everything possible. Over three sessions, we cover:

  • How LTC insurance solutions change a financial outcome in retirement
  • The power and evolution of linked-benefit solutions
  • How to customize traditional LTC insurance to fit client needs

By registering, you'll get a confirmation with appointments for all three sessions. Make sure to sign up now, then add all three to your calendar. This webinar series is for advisors committed to making LTC a part of their business. The content builds on the foundation of the Just Ask community. If you're not a member, please enroll today!

About the Host

Chad Eyrich is the LTC nerd. He not only helps educate advisors and their clients on the importance of care planning, but he also orchestrates a smooth application process from start to finish. He leads Ash's LTC sales team and travels through the United States to present educational seminars on care planning, funding options and alternatives to traditional LTC insurance.