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Uncover ideas you can take directly to your clients. With our concept library, you can search and filter by business line, topic or type of concept, to easily find your next go-to insurance solution. Download it. Print it. Learn it. Then contact us to discuss how we can help you implement the solution for your clients.

Create a Conversation - Managing Risk

In this conversation card, you're looking for clients who are concerned about rising rates, inflation or market risk. But they still want higher returns. With a fixed indexed annuity (FIA), clients can have no risk of loss while providing the ability to meet or exceed inflation.

How You Inherit vs How Much

Just because an estate is too small to get taxed doesn’t mean it is too small to cause problems with heirs ill-equipped to handle wealth, sibling rivalries, divorce, lawsuits and more. Using a trust, clients can give heirs the benefit of wealth without direct ownership of wealth.

Unique Concepts for High-Net-Worth Clients

Discover four strategies to reposition money for ultra-wealthy clients. From classic leverage through premium financing or unique tax credits, to using BOLI or an innovative 1035 exchange with our No-Load IUL, you can capture more corporate AUM and keep the IRS out.

A New Way to Think About Accumulation

Substituting an annuity for a portion of an allocation to bonds can increase wealth, especially given today’s low interest rate environment. This study, co-authored with the JourneyGuide planning software, shows five examples of how to supercharge asset accumulation.

Funding Long-Term Care with Idle Assets

For clients with assets that are not generating key income, a great conversation starter is "What is your goal for this money?" If the discussion follows the path we commonly see, a few more questions could lead to a more suitable product solution. Follow this flowchart for more.

A to Z Guide to Life Insurance

This comprehensive, educational resource covers the basics of life insurance and more. After discussing the need, purpose and types of life insurance, you'll learn about the application and underwriting process, as well as policy customizations, loans, taxation and more.

Ash Life Audit Essential Sample Output

After an Ash Life Audit analysis process is complete, you'll receive a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations. The Essential Output is a simplified summary that includes current policy information and alternatives in a format that's easy-to-review with clients.

Ash Life Audit Advisor Guide

A permanent life insurance policy could be one of the most valuable assets your clients own. You can be confident their policy is performing to its full potential with the comprehensive Ash Life Audit. This guide details everything you and your clients need to know to get started.

Ash Life Audit Consumer Guide

Life changes. Constantly. Has your client's life insurance coverage changed with it? Does their existing life insurance coverage meet their current needs? This rack-card-style guide to the Ash Life Audit helps clients consider if now is a good time to have you review their policy.

The Ash Life Audit Process

A permanent life insurance policy could be one of the most valuable assets your clients own. You can be confident their policy is performing to its full potential with the comprehensive Ash Life Audit. This piece provides a brief overview of the benefits and the audit process.

Three Paths to Tax-Free Income

Clients often hate debt. But not all loans are bad. Super low interest rates and very favorable tax advantages have changed the game. See how fixed-rate loans, withdrawals from fixed loans, and participating loans can provide great sources of retirement income as needs arise.

Finding the Funds for Long-Term Care

If a client agrees that LTC is something they want to address, you have to find a source of funding for a solution. Below are four quadrants of assets you can use to pay for long-term care insurance coverage, including cash flow, nonqualified, qualified and idle assets.