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Retirement Solutions
Give the Gift of Choice
The key is to effectively involve your client in the decision-making process by supplying and presenting enough options to give them a voice. But not so many that they are overwhelmed.
Nick Bond
December 2021 • 2-min read
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Retirement Solutions
3 Easy Ways to Make the Year-End Call
It’s common for advisors to think their clients are too busy during the holiday season to want to hear from them, so they avoid calling until after the new year. But letting your clients know now that you are thinking about them can get them prepared to discuss their finances in January.
Paul Kingsman
November 2021 • 2-min read
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Retirement Solutions
How To Get Paid in Retirement
One of your biggest jobs as a financial advisor is securing a retirement income stream for your clients and also giving them the confidence to use it.
John Duchien
November 2021 • 1-min read
Give Your Clients Something 1200x628NC
Retirement Solutions
Give Your Clients Something New to Talk About
Certainly, annuities have some risks, such as the sales charges and then the risk of the carrier. But at the end of the day, there are substantial differences in rates of return for clients in today’s low-interest-rate environment.
Mike McGlothlin
Mike McGlothlin
November 2021 • 1-min read
BLOG-DI-Level the Playing Field 1200x628
Disability Insurance
Do Your Clients Need a (Financial) HUG?
To afford basic needs such as housing, utilities and groceries, your clients need to have income coming in. And that income needs to be protected. That’s where disability insurance (DI) comes in. And it’s more affordable than you or your clients might think.
Tim Kukieza
Tim Kukieza
October 2021 • 3-min read
Say Yes To Income Planning 1200x628NC
Retirement Solutions
Say Yes to Income Planning
When we think of an estate or financial plan, we think wills, trusts, assets under management, cash value, and other accumulation and transfer vehicles. But how often do we really think of income? As your clients shift from the workplace to retirement, it’s a big piece of how they will maintain their lifestyle.
Jim Martin
October 2021 • 1-min read
Retirement Solutions
Popular Tool: Ash Annuity Audit
If you have clients with older annuities and you think it’s time for a review, let us know. Together with just a fact finder and an annuity statement we’ll be able to help your clients feel confident in their retirement.
Mike McGlothlin
Mike McGlothlin
September 2021 • 2-min read
Retirement Solutions
Prepare Your Clients for Reductions in Social Security Benefits
Some experts predict Social Security may be depleted as soon as 2028. Are your clients protected? Consider using an annuity that creates an additional source of retirement income and pays a bonus if reductions are made to Social Security.
Mike McGlothlin
Mike McGlothlin
July 2021 • 2-min read
Practice Management
5 Marketing Lessons From Rebuilding Our Website
Part of building your practice involves honing your message and getting it out there for your clients to hear. With the launch of our revised website, we’ve put our words into action. And we learned a lot along the way.
Maria Sarci
July 2021 • 5-min read
HPP NewLifeAnnuity
Retirement Solutions
How the Pandemic Has Affected Retirement for 68 Million Americans
As the world has changed, now is the time to reevaluate some of the retirement vehicles that were put in place 10 or 15 years ago.
Mike McGlothlin
Mike McGlothlin
July 2021 • 2-min read
Long-Term Care
Taking LTC Funding from Scary to Solved
It IS possible to fund long-term care without changing your client's lifestyle. And the options aren't just limited to cash.
Stephen Denton
June 2021 • 2-min read
Whats the Deal with Social Security Disability
Disability Insurance
What’s the Deal with Social Security Disability?
If your clients bring up Social Security as a fallback option for disability insurance, make sure they truly understand what they’re getting into.
Meghan Cormany
June 2021 • 1-min read